Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"HAiR" - Japanese Cast Recording, 1971

"HAiR" - Japanese Cast Recording, 1971
DOWNLOAD (Studio recording, out of print,
LP rip @320 kbps)


the saucer people said...

Ever since reading about the infamous 1971 Japanese version of 'Hair' in Julian Cope's book Japrocksampler (the fact that though it got closed down after only 2 months, the "event" had a huge impact on Japanese underground music) I have wanted to hear the entire album in good quality (there is a rip on WFMU from 2006 but the quality is pretty low...but hey, it was 2006!) and now I finally stumble on a 320 rip from March this year and the link is dead!?!?

What will it take for a repost? I am hoping a polite "please" will do it but I am open to suggestions if not!

the saucer people said...

I forgot to pass on these links..while searching for the Japanese version of Hair (you know, the one you posted with the dead link) I came across the Brazilian and French version which are some kinda splendid:

Brazilian Hair Soundtrack (1969):


French Hair Soundtrack:


And for anyone who wants an English version:


Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers Saucie! Many thanks for the visit...I poked around for another link to the Jap cast recording and no luck so far. I will keep after it. Problem is, the wonderful blog from which it originated, called "Spiral," inexplicably went dark a few months back...I hate when that happens!

Thanks also for the other links, very much indeed. I've heard the others but I'm fairly sure I don't have the Brazil cast LP anywhere, so I will post that now, and many big thanks for that!

Stay tuned, and cheers again --


the saucer people said...

Thanks for clearing up a mystery! I spent the last couple of months trying to remember the name of the blog I used to visit with all the different Hair soundtracks but could not find any reference to it..I started to think I had hallucinated the whole thing until I saw your reply and the name 'Spiral' and then I remembered nlgbbbblth.blogspot.com!!!

Weirdly, when I first saw your post I thought to myself..oh that blog I cannot remember the name of will love this! Makes sense he was the guy who originally posted it as he had the most incredible collection of Hair soundtracks amongst loads of other great record rips...totally gutting his blog disappeared down the memory hole!

Lets keep our fingers crossed Spiral/Nlgbbbblth gets the music blogging bug again..according to Google Reader his last post was in May 2011 and hopefully his enthusiasm will return in a few months and a new blog will emerge..then we can pounce!

Glad you liked the Brazilian Hair soundtrack, blew me away!

the saucer people said...

By accident I stumbled across a rip of the Japanese Soundtrack To Hair! It's a 192 rip so it is different from the 320 rip Spiral originally posted but even so, the quality is pretty good and its a clean recording.


The blog I found it in is pretty interesting if you are into obscure Japanese underground music from the early seventies and while I like my music a little more electronic, I am sure there are gems to be found:


And if anyone reading this has a higher quality rip do not hesitate to post a link!