Friday, January 16, 2009

THE YARDBIRDS - New York City, March 1968

Anderson Theatre - New York, NY - March 30, 1968
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O.B. Dan said...

I have recently stumbled into a few downloads from the Yardbirds in 1968, their final year together. The very last tour, that summer, to promote "Ha Ha Said The Clown," included a free outdoor gig at Rocky Point Park in my hometown. Page was like nothing I'd ever seen! The closest I've come to getting a download of the show I saw was the day before the one I saw.

Thanks for this one!

Anonymous said...

on the day of the show at Rocky Point my friend and I were "thumbing to rocky point.this bus pulled over and asked where we were going ,we said "Rocky Point" and they said they were going there was the "yardbirds"
who knew that at that moment we would be riding/talking to some of the most famous rock musicians ever !!!!!!
thaks for verifying that moment
actually existed !!!!
Jim Mitchell

Heli0tr0pe said...


Thanks for that, and for stopping it!


O.B. Dan said...

Correcting my own post...the tour to promote "Ha Ha Said The Clown" show at Rocky Point Park in my hometown (Warwick, RI, home of Oakland Beach) was in August 1967.

You sure this show was in 1968? I recall Led Zep emerging later that year.